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I have an idea.
I've seen the new recmon package that kicks off an app when recordings end and currently patches some epg data foobars. So, could you make it also pick up title data for series recordings?
Say I'm recording all the episodes of Lewis. They appear in a "Lewis" folder and are all listed as "Lewis" - wow, that helps... But if I look at info, they all have the episode title listed before a colon. Now, it must be possible to grab that data before the colon (if it exists - and it only exists for series) and then make that the recording title, isn't it?! Seems like a job for grep but I'm not the expert.
Please consider.
Thanks :D
well, that sort-of answers my question but not quite - the functionality is clearly there with dedupe but my question relates to automating the process with recmon.... surely that is the logical progression