Series link across channels.


Staff member
I should probably know this, but does the HDR ever track series across channels?

Just set the Children In Need [Spectacular] to record on Friday as a series, and I notice that the series CRID ( in Yorkshire) is associated with both parts on BBC 1 and the 10pm segment on BBC 2, but using the right arrow on the Humax in Guide->Schedule just shows the two BBC 1 parts.
Last week on the box I look after, there were clashing recordings between channels 1, 2 and 5.
Usually, 1 and 5 are set for simultaneous recording, but a recording was put in afterwards for 2 - all three programmes starting at the same time.
The box automatically moved the recording from 5 to 5+1.
What's more, it moved it back again this week to 5.

This however confused the user, who also set a recording for the later repeat on 5, and therefore ended up with the programme recorded twice.