Series Link Wrong - Alcatraz on Really


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I recorded episode 8/13 of Alcatraz last night (Thursday 22:00 to 23:00) and my PVR didn't record the second episode (9/13) on at 23:00 - 00:00. I checked next Thursday and they have done the same with a double episode of which the first one (10/13) has the same Series Crid as 8/13 but the second episode (11/13) is different. I managed to schedule the episode I missed (9/13) on Sunday evening and I have put multiple series schedules for all of the others.

This sort of problem seems to occur fairly often. Having been involved with writing database systems and lots of validation type software I am surprised that these things still occur. Even of they used basic matching to generate queries that were passed to humans they could head off this sort of problem,
Is the 2200-2300 transmission a repeat of the previous episode and then the 2300-0000 transmission a new episode? If so, it is usual for these to be two separate series (as far as the series CRID is concerned).
No, that was my first thought but not the case. They seem to be showing it in double episodes, 2 on Thursday evening which are then repeated late Sunday/Monday morning.

Of the 4 episodes I can currently see they are using 3 different series crids.
Yes, I'm watching about 8 days behind at present and I noticed it was all mucked up when the announcer mentioned a double episode "next week" and I started looking for my 'missing' one.
I set both 'parts' as separate series and it is now (says it is) set to collect all the episodes (8, 9, 10 and 11). But they will record out of order (I think 9 may be in the can already), so I'll need to check the ep nos before watching. Although the way it runs most episodes aren't very sequence sensitive anyway.

Is Really part of the C5 group?
No it is part of the UKTV group along with Dave, Yesterday and Drama (on freeview) and others on Sky.
Sheesh! After all that it seems to have not recorded ep 8, but is intent on recording ep 10 twice.
I guess Really are playing around with the crids or summat.

Glad it's not a series I'm especially bothered about.

We very rarely watch Really, Drama and the other 'minor' channels, so not too bothered. But for the odd times we do use them I might set them up to use padding rather than AR, as I have done for the C5 group.
Padding won't solve the series linking problem. Presuming you are talking HDR-FOX, text-based event searches and auto-scheduling using the Remote Scheduling service are the most reliable alternative to series linking that relies on CRIDs.
Hmm. You're right. In my mind I was intending to bypass the series link issue with Alcatraz by setting a repeat timer, but stupidly equated that with C5's poor AR handling. Different issues of course.

I might give the RS a try if/when we want to get a series off one of this group again.
(Actually, my wife recorded State of Play off Drama recently and they kept chopping the ends. I had to re-record the final episode on a repeat to get the very end cleanly. So maybe I will need padding too.)
You know, the frustrating thing about all this is, it isn't exactly rocket science for the broadcasters and Humax to get it right. Look at the delayed HIGNFY last week on Friday. It didn't record on Freesat even though the box had a good chance all evening to get it right. Did anyone record it on Freeview?
Look at the delayed HIGNFY last week on Friday. It didn't record on Freesat even though the box had a good chance all evening to get it right. Did anyone record it on Freeview?

Yes, it worked correctly and recorded the delayed prog (at about 2330 I think).
We were also recording the prog before or after HIGN (Live @ Appollo?) which got bounced a week and that just gave us a zero length recording with a 'not tracked' message.

I must retract some of my comments above about Really/Alcatraz. I've found the ep 8 recording is in the target folder after all, so it did record it at some point. I'll just be watching it out of order as I've already watched ep 9.