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nigel :- tell me how to turn off automatic re anything- particularly retuning

If you have the Custom Firmware installed you can install disable-dso, which will delete dso entries from the schedule . Without the Custom firmware your TV will display this message
If you don't select Later within 3 Mins. the Humax will perform an auto-retune and clear all scheduled events and favourites lists you have created. Also if you perform a re-tune without selecting 'Now' you may still get the message displayed so in the end you have to select 'Now'. If you do install the Custom Firmware then there really isn't a problem anyway, because there is a Backup and Restore facility for both schedules and Favourites
Basic question for you smart guys - please can someone tell me how to turn off automatic re anything- particularly retuning- unless I give the 'dear' Box the go ahead.
In summary:
  • Installing standard firmware 1.02.20 (if you do not require the facilities of 1.02.27 onwards) will convert the retune nag from an opt-out to an opt-in - in other words it won't just go ahead without your say so. Information HERE (click) section 1, downloads HERE (click).
  • Having a firmware earlier to the current OTA update (1.02.28) requires a defence - see HERE (click).
  • To prevent any further retune nags, even opt-in ones, install the custom firmware and disable-dso.
My HDR-FOX No2, in use by an elderly non-techie, has been configured to be as bomb-proof and trouble free as I can make it, from all the collective knowledge and experience on this forum. It is not connected to a network therefore firmwares post-1.02.20 have little to offer (and my No1 HDR-FOX, complete with network and Internet, remains on 1.02.20 regardless). No2 is configured as follows:

1.02.20 + CF2.11 (see note 1), disable-dso, disable-ota, auto-unprotect, ntfs-3g, flatten, daily reminder 0420-0440, auto-padding -2+5.
  • 1.02.20 ensures a retune induced by the broadcast network cannot go ahead without my say so - normally it would be a good idea, but it deletes the recording schedule and mostly only provides additional services we don't want;
  • disable-dso removes auto-retune events from the schedule when found (requires a boot-up to take effect) (see note 2);
  • disable-ota removes OTA search events (daily, 0430) from the schedule when found (requires a boot-up to take effect) (see note 2);
  • auto-unprotect removes the protection from HiDef recordings so they can be handled identically to StDef recordings (eg they decrypt when copied to a USB stick/drive) (see note 3);
  • ntfs-3g makes NTFS-format USB sticks/drives writable as well as readable, thus overcoming the 4GB file size limit of FAT (see note 3);
  • flatten counteracts the automatic series folders created for series recordings and moves all recordings into the top level (a matter of preference).
  • Daily "reminder" keeps the EPG updated to ensure series links operate correctly (see HERE - click), covering 0430 prevents an OTA search occurring (see HERE - click);
  • Auto-padding ensures a recording is made at the programme's scheduled time instead of risking the vagaries of AR (see HERE - click).
(1) 2.11 was current at the time. Use the latest.
(2) The Humax inserts these events into the schedule at its own whim (the DSO event in response to broadcast network messages). There is a risk that without further measures they can still slip through, if there is no reboot prior to the scheduled time (eg when the Humax is left on for a long period).
(3) Not required if you have no interest in moving recordings off the box.

PS: The custom firmware schedule auto-backup/manual-restore is of limited use if you are not there to restore it before the next recording is due, after your schedule has been wiped by an automatic retune.