Sharing External Hard Drive Between 2 HD-FOX T2 Boxes

Bob Casson

New Member

I've owned a HD-FOX T2 box for a couple of years now and have recorded nearly a TB of films and TV shows to an external hard drive. I've just purchased another HD-FOX T2 box thinking I could simply plug in my existing hard hrive and view all the recordings made on the other box. When I pug the hard drive into my second box, it recognises the drive and I am able to see everything I've recorded under the 'Media' area however when I attempt to play any of the films recorded I get a message about it being 'scrambled'?

Does anyone know if it is possible to share the recordings made on one HD-FOX T2 box with another, or what this scrambled message means (is the data encrypted) and how to get round it?

Thanks in advance for any help.