Sharing HDD Content over network


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We have two HD-Fox-T2's (firmware 1.02.20) each with a 1TB HDD attached. They are both connected to our Netgear DG834G Router / Netgear GS108 Switch network, as is our LaCie 2big Network NAS, and all have fixed IP's. I would like to be able to watch TV programmes recorded on one HD-Fox-T2 setup directly via the setup in the other room. I assumed that this would be simple to do but it does not appear so. Am I missing something - or would it be necessary to copy the video files to the NAS and then access them from there - except I've not managed to do that either. Any advice would be appreciated.
Sorry, the HD-FOX doesn't have the native server capabilities the HDR-FOX is endowed with. The custom software can be configured to provide an alternative, but you are still not out of the woods: you need to run "HDR mode" to decrypt your recordings first.