Should my Humax connect to the RS server in record?


I tried to use RS while I was away from home the other weekend. When I connected in to on the Saturday, via my mobile phone, it said Humax last seen on Thursday 14th April even though it should have switched on for several recordings over 3 days. So I didn't go any further.
When I returned home and checked it had carried out all the scheduled recordings.
I have a fixed IP address set, WPA2-PSK(AES) security and wireless-helper installed so I expected it to connect during scheduled recording times. It uses a wireless USB dongle.
Am I wrong or is something else required?


Staff member
It should be able to connect, yes. The key piece is the wireless-helper package which should kick the wireless into life when it wakes up to record. To diagnose it you could connect it via Ethernet and then get onto the command line and run '/sbin/wifi-up' to see if it that works and hopefully see some errors if not.


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May be a coincidence but I was away from last Monday until yesterday. I received an email stating that the RS had not seen the humax since last Tuesday afternoon.
I use PlusNet and they reported a network problem on Tuesday evening and subsequently RS could not see the Humax. On my return I found all recordings, etc., had worked fine. I powered off the router for 30 minutes and once restarted everything was back to normal.
For info I use TPLink...