Should my old Sony be able to transmit HD from my Hummy?

keith lawrence

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I have a 7 year old Sony Bravia 'supposedly HD ready' TV (KDL-40S2010) and my question is, if I plug in my HDMI lead into the back of my HDR Fox T2 and then into the tv should it automatically show HD channels where applicable?
I have tried it and it doesn't show anything on screen so do I need to make any setting changes to the Hummy please?
The answer to your question is YES and NO. Have you selected the HDMI input? It's Menu ~ External inputs ~ AV4. You have to select it every time you want to watch the Hummy. The Sony does not auto switch. You should be able to see all programs from the Hummy on this input, not just the HD ones.
You also need to tell the Humax to output the picture in the right format, 1080i or 1080p depending which ones the TV can handle.
You do this by using the "v-format" button on the Humax remote, to cycle through the options.

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The Sony KDL-40S2010 is classed as HD ready, and has a 1366 x 768 display, and supports 720p and 1080i so it is probably worth trying both of those on the Humax to see which looks better.