Show Development/Advanced Packages Failure

Hans Klopek

New Member

My TV portal broke. I decided to try and move to 'Custom Portal' but this unfortunately wouldn't install because it claimed I had Portal Xtra1 installed. I didn't (but had in the past). I also found that I was unable to reinstall Portal Xtra1. To save messing around, I wiped all packages and settings.

I've now found that I cannot enable 'Show development and advanced packages?' in WebIf. It displays the message 'Development Package Display unchanged.'

I've searched and this problem seemed to be specific to 0.8.13 - but I'm running 1.0.10-6

Can anybody offer any advice? (Btw, the default Humax TV Portal is working now)
Try a forced reinstall of WebIf. You can do this in WebIf>Diagnostics. If it does not work from there, connect to the box using telnet, select the 'CLI' option to get the command line and then run the following command:
opkg install webif --force-reinstall
Then quit telnet and see if it has fixed your problem.