Shutdown Problems?


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hi. Wondering if anyone can help me. I've recently started having problems with my HDR-Fox T2 (Humax Version: 1.03.12 Custom firmware version: 2.22), i've had poweron-channel set to ON for ages as my brother always listens to the radio on the humax (why?, i don't know) and i set it to change back to BBC ONE HD and my Favourites list, and it seems to have stopped working. I don't know, but i think it has something to do with the shutting down of the system. i've noticed that when i turn the the machine on, the HUMAX screen doesn't appear anymore , like it used to. Instead going straight onto the channel it was on previously (radio), which is annoying as i have to keep changing back to my favourites list. i think the machine has stopped turning off properly as i can still hear a noise when i do press the standby button. I've tried to turn it on/off at the switch at the back and when i do the Humax screen reappears and is back on the BBC One HD and favourites list, so i try changing channel and pressing the standby button to see if it's fixed. but again it pops straight onto the last channel it was on without the Humax screen loading. Sorry for the long winded explanation. Anyone know how to sort this? Any help would be much appreciated.

Ezra Pound

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It does sound like your Humax is not going into standby correctly, there are several thing that can cause this (Notes HERE), e.g. :-

The Humax can also unexpectedly enter the half awake state due to :-
  • Setting an Auto Off timer without a matching Auto On timer
  • The presence of corrupted recordings sometimes with move/copy options greyed out
  • The *Deleting message being permanently displayed