Signal Problems


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I bought a refurb HDR from Humax around six months ago. When it was initially installed I received all channels as expected. Now, however, some Freesat channels either badly break up or will not display at all.

From Freesat 28.2 as the signal source...

In the Menu > Diagnostics page both tuners display 80% Strength and 80% Quality.

By comparison, in the Freesat Menu page > Manual Tune - I get 75% Strength and 20% Quality.

However, in the Manual Tune page I get 75% Strength and 90% Quality.

The result is that while many channels view as expected quite a few channels will either break up badly or not show up at all (such as France 24, Travel Channel, CBS Reality+1, Horror Channel, More>Movies, Bloomberg TV, RT HD for example). These channels typically show strong signal but have low quality.

I have even had some trees reduced in height just in case that was a potential issue, with a factory reset subsequently carried out - but the problem persists.

Sounds like a dish/lnb alignment issue (or possibly water in your coax cables). Manual Tune shows a different transponder to the autotune menu. Autotune selects the Freesat home transponder 11428 H on Eutelsat28A (28.5E), manual tune most likely shows a Astra 2 transponder (the channel you are currently watching 28.2E). Your missing channels are from Eutelsat 28A. Tune to 407 Fashion One and bring up diagnostics, if you have a very poor or no signal that's the most likely cause of your problems. A guess is that your lnb skew needs a tweak, 28.5 and 28.2 use a different skew so you need to set a compromise.