Signal Strength as reported by CF


Traveler 34122
I have noticed what I see as an anomaly between the signal strength readings reported in the WebIf Diagnostics page and those given directly from the Humax menu.

For example:

Channel 49 shows approx 50% strength on the CF graphical representation and yet the Humax signal meter show 89% graphically and numerically.

I have similar results on the other MUX's

Could anyone offer a suggestion why? I could understand a few percentage points but this is quite a large difference. I would have thought that both methods would obtain there info from the same place.

FWIW signal quality is 100% for both methods. Confused.

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The signal strength displayed in the Web-If is not 'live' it is the strength recorded at the last re-tune, any changes since then will not be displayed, there is a note in the WiKi HERE
Ah. I didn't know that. I thought it was real-time.

You learn something every day.

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And doing a manual retune on the box causes all muxes apart from the one you are currently tuning to be set to strength/quality of 0. This is quite irritating...