Silently failing recordings


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Bit if a weird one. My HDR-T2 was recording happily up till the early hours of last Wednesday morning. From then onwards every recording has silently failed. There is no obvious indication that the box attempted to start any of the various recordings, with no partial recording files in the media list. That said, each failed recording does have the next episode correctly setup in the scheduled list. I decided to reboot the box and since then every scheduled recording has been made successfully, so I'm hoping this was just a temporary issue and not an indication of an underlying hardware issue.
Thanks, that's interesting. Normally I put the box into standby, but it was on when I first came across this issue on Saturday, suggesting it had been powered on for several days. Unfortunately my box is tucked away out of sight so I don't have visibility of the front panel.
Mine sit on for weeks on end (I know I don't recommend it - call me lazy), but I have not come across this one.
Well neither had I till a few days ago! Suffice to say I'll be keeping a closer eye on my recordings going forward now, as it was a real pain trying to find alternative showings for all the ones I lost. I may also setup power on and off timers for my normal viewing period...
You've never had a freeze up, despite leaving it on for extended periods? I thought everybody got that occasionally. VFD stops scrolling, picture freezes (sound may continue), no response to input of any sort - power cycle is the only way out.
Nope, up to this rather strange event its been incredibly reliable, despite me absolutely hammering it with recordings. I don't normally leave it, or any other PVR/DVR, on for extended periods though....
Just wondering how feasible it would be to implement the equivalent of the on/off timer functionality via the Custom software, but where the off timer was background process aware (decryption, sweeper etc), automatically extending the off time until any outstanding background operation had completed.
It is possible to turn off by an injection through the ir package, triggered by a cron job. Tying this to the auto processes deciding there is nothing more to do would require af123 to make some mods.
Ok, that sounds quite promising then. Hopefully something worthwhile for consideration for inclusion in @af123 rainy day list!