Single Channel Manual Retune - Resulted in Reboot

Black Hole

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I wanted to add the CBBC Channel to my population of sevices on the BBC mux (channel 61), as previously I had pruned it out. I thought I could do it just by performing a manual search on just that one mux without clearing out everything first (abort an automatic scan).

I saved the recording schedule just in case, then started a manual scan, but the Humax crashed and rebooted with the Channel 61 mux services missing. I did it again, same thing. I then gave up and did the full clear out and then rescan all the muxes manually, then prune unwanted services (shopping, subscription...) and restore schedule, which all worked as normal.

Anybody know if this is a new problem with 1.02.27 or was present in previous versions?
I have just tried a single mux manual search to add a channel without deleting the rest of the channels first, and it all worked as expected.