Single recording into a folder ?


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I don't think it is possible to force a single recording into a named folder automatically - at least I cannot find a way. I appreciate I can 'sweep' it into one but that means I have to set up a sweeper rule. Would it be possible to make an option in 'more' in the schedule list (something like the way a folder can be renamed for a series) ?
The Humax code cannot be made to record a series recording into My Video, or a non-series recording into a folder. Sweeper was conceived as the universal solution for this kind of thing, and actually only needs one rule if you want all non-series recordings to land in one particular folder (in my case: [Unclassified]).
You can set up a sweeper rule to sweep single recordings into a folder of the same name which is good for cleaning up one-off recordings where you usually record a series.
Thanks BH for the explanation - I should have known there would be a good reason why it had not been done before !
My scenario is that SWMBO periodically says 'can you do that for me' and then forgets that it has been done. I put these into a specific folder for her so that she can see what is there specifically for her.
Thus the sweeper suggestion from BH and AF will not fit this scenario. Perhaps I am getting too lazy (?) - will continue doing it manually.
There may be some scope here for extended WebIF/sweeper functionality. Suggestion:
  1. A sweeper rule action which triggers the rule to self-destruct after execution;
  2. A sweeper rule trigger keyed on programme or series ID;
  3. Assuming sweeper is installed, quick auto-insertion of a self-destructing (non-series) or permanent (series) sweeper rule keyed on programme or series ID from the WebIF schedule editor options button for a selection of actions: eg move to a specific named folder or a folder named the same as the programme, queue for conversion, whatever.
But how would the box know that it's SWMBO that has set the recording, not peterworks?
The point that I was trying to make, and apparently failed, was, regardless of who actually sets them, how would sweeper know that the specific recording that has been set for SWMBO is to be 'swept' into SWMBO's folder?
It wouldn't, but there would be a quick way to set up a one-off sweeper rule from the schedule editor. Not automatic, but easily configured for a specific recording.

'Cos I set all the recordings via RS...
That may be more of a problem; I envisage this as an extension to the WebIF schedule editor.
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My solution is three boxes - mine, hers and ours.
There's no problem knowing what recording is who's.
There's not usually a problem with too many recordings at 9pm, and if there is then there is not so much argument about priority.
When the disc is full (guess which) I'm not bothered :)
My solution is also three boxes - mine, mine, and mine! Hers is at a different address altogether.
Interesting ideas.. The change folder function is already available in both webif & RS, although it's currently greyed out for non-series recordings. that seems like the best place to hang this new function and something like a one-shot sweeper rule sounds like the easiest way to implement it. Let me have a play.