Site is up and down like a.....


Traveler 34122
Site is been up and down most of the evening. Not even got a chance to post before it dropped...

Someone come in and unplug the server? lol
It was so flaky that the site went down before I could even finish writing a post. It was frustrating as I am one of the beta testers and that 'conversation' came to a grinding halt too.
At least the site wasn't running slow as it usually is for me. It was either up or down this time!
Your site ( And beta testing for the remote scheduling of timers using custom firmware. Courtesy of member af123.
He also said he had trouble accessing this site. I couldn't even ping it. Every other site was OK.

I know you are probably thinking I am a bit of a fuss-pot. If you wish I will keep quiet.
Not at all. I was being serious. I guess my host had some downtime or something.

Seems to be fine now. Will look into it :)


Yes it's OK now. The beta testing is being discussed in a 'conversation' so it's not in a public area of the forums.