sky and humax


A friend has given me a NowTV box and 6 months sky movies (they got it free and already have it) and I'm wondering how to make best use alongside a Freeview HDR box. In particular, with a new baby, we don't watch much live TV at present, so I'm wondering if there is any way of recording sky movies to the HDR box. FYI, our TV isn't smart, although it is directly wired to lots of things that have an internet connection!

I tried searching for info, but sky is too short a word!

cheers for any tips!


Ezra Pound

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Your Humax HDR Fox T2 will only record programmes it receives from it's tuners*, it won't record from a SCART or HDMI connection

*If the Custom Firmware is installed it is also possible to record programmes viewed via BBC I-player and Youtube, however Sky isn't currently available


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It would be useful to record from SKy sports though. Is there anyway you can log on to a NowTV account via the internet connection on a HDR Fox T2?

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