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Scott McKenzie

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Hi Folks,

Lots of threads about this already I know... but i've recently bought a HDR-FOX T2 and am loving everything about it! One of the reasons being the Sky Go, you know the one launching October 2010 according to the box, that will eventually launch!

I am planning on jail breaking the box so I can get Sky Go, the reason being watching the Rugby (which i know will be fine) but I am also interested in the new F1 channel. From what i've read there are occasional issues with not all channels appearing - can anyone confirm if they can see the F1 channel - it did only launch today mind....

As folks who use Sky Go will only be too aware changing devices to test things out isn't straightforward so I don't want to go through the process, register the device to find it doesn't work and thus not be able to watch the first race as i won't be able to re-register my original device!


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