Sky News breaking up or 'no/bad signal'


I've changed nothing on my Foxsat-HDR, nor on the Hauppage card in my desktop, but over the past few days Sky News has been fine, or breaking up, or simply AWOL with a No/bad signal' message. Other channels on the same transponder are fine and the Sky News Now/Next is present.

Anyone any ideas on what the problem might be?
If other channels on the same transponder are OK, then it suggests a problem nearer the source - but there's not a lot to go on. I don't normally go anywhere near the Sky channels, so haven't seen it
I've checked again and it looks as though I'm getting nothing from any channel on that transponder in the middle of the day but the channels re-appear in the evening. Weird?
where are you located?
I've seen this phenomenon in southern Spain, and it is reported elsewhere on the fringe of viable reception - as the sun heats up the signal doesn't get through so well.
The signals intended for the UK are more tightly focussed now, but I haven't been watching the changes for a while (but they have been planned)
No, definitely not. You're well within the service region.
Lacking any problem reports by Sky themselves (they do happen, sometimes), I don't know what to suggest.
Have you tried a rescan and signal strength check - looking especially for other stations on the transponder.
Not much to go on - it's far easier if the whole lot disappear.
I've re-scanned and, within DVBViewer on my desktop, I've checked with kingofsat that my settings are correct.

When Sky News disappears so do the other channels on the transponder with the signal strength and quality both reported as 0%. When the channels return I get signal strength as 85% and quality as 100%.

Oddly enough, I'm receiving Sky News now, but didn't at the same time of day on the previous several days.
All fine on my Foxsat-hdr. Could be local source of interference. Try turning off local rf sources in turn. eg Wifi Routers and Cordless Phones. Check your coax connection carefully for signs of water ingress (selective and variable transponder loss is a known symptom).
It looks as though it may be sun related. No problems for the last couple or so of dull, overcast, rainy days, but the Sky News transponder signal has disappeared today in full sun.
In the British Isles, the main reception problem is usually rain - unlike a sunnier zone like Southern Spain, where, because it's right on the edge of reception area (or outside) you can have problems as the atmosphere heats up in daytime as well as in rain.
I'd also be looking for local possibilities (like interference, coax lead).
I did think of one other, which your symptoms don't make me think is the problem - I did find I lost a whole bunch of transponders, and that was a fault in my satrec. I confirmed it by borrowing one from a neighbour (he had a spare, luckily for me). The effect was as though the H/V switching just wasn't happening.
I haven't looked to see whether the Sky channel is near the Hi/Lo boundary, which would be another possibility.