Sky player quick launch?


I'm wondering if there is a way to reprogramme the tv portal button on my remote to, once pressed, load straight into sky player. I know this may seem like a daft question but i only use sky player on the portal and it would be great to load directly into the app as apposed to pressing tv portal, then green, then 1.


You could try editing the file at /mod/boot/2/config-ocontroller-si-rootfs.txt and change line 35 which starts: mom.hbbtv.portal to:

mom.hbbtv.portal: file:/var/lib/humaxtv_backup/skyplayer/preset/init/init.html

You'll then need to restart the box for it to take effect.

The file editor on the web interface diagnostics page will do the job.

(Haven't tried this myself)
I think this would be possible, but it would mean some fiddling with the menus in Xtra1 and someone (not me) who knows how to do it
Sorry, I took too long to answer #1
I see that the whilst sky player is loading, the tv programme in the background is still playing, on looking through the Editing /mod/boot/2/config-ocontroller-si-rootfs.txt, i see a mention of playing the channel whilst loading, do you think disabling this would speed up the loading of sky player?
I see no reason it should, it only controls a property whether the data display is overlaid on the video stream (in hardware).
Can anyone tell me what the original code was before I changed it to mom.hbbtv.portal: file:/var/lib/humaxtv_backup/skyplayer/preset/init/init.html

Its line 35 at /mod/boot/2/config-ocontroller-si-rootfs.txt