Slow EPG


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I recently upgraded my Hummy HDD to 1TB & have noticed that when scrolling through the EPG, it's become very sluggish & slow to respond to commands. It's fine & as quick as it's always been in other menus, scrolling through recorded programmes etc, it's just like treacle in the full screen EPG!

Just wondered if anyone had any ideas as to why this might be? I've reinstalled the custom firmware, rebooted, restarted, tried new batteries in remote and so on by the way.:)
Current version is 1.03.12 with custom firmware 2.22. I just upgraded to the latest version, is worth downgrading do you think?

EDIT: Downgraded & working normally again.. Please accept my apologies, I've just been reading about this issue in the other 1.03.xx thread. :rolleyes: Thanks for your reply though anyway - you solved the problem for me!
Sorry but can't seem to find an answer to this. Is the slow eg a bug that is due to be fixed in a next release or is the only solution to downgrade. The wife is going nuts about it.
Did you read the two previous posts to yours, or do a search for the problem.
As a direct answer to your question. Yes.
Thanks. Yes I did read the posts so knew it was due to my firmware. What I could not work out is if it was a a case of that's just how it will be from now on.

The solutions about deleting scheduled recordings did not work and I am reluctant to factory default it.

As they are aware and working on it I will probably wait for the new version.