Slow network


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Hi all

My HDR is connected via a power line adapter to the network. Other devices on this network have a good Internet speed. My hummy is very very slow, in fact iplayer basically freezes.
I have a static ip address set so no ip conflict. I have tried a different adapter with no issues.
Any ideas at all, it doing my head in.


I use powerline too (AV200) and iPlayer is fine for me - in fact I can download a programme at about x3, and my broadband bandwidth was only about 2.5mbps last time I looked.

Try bypassing the powerline with a long Cat5 (cheap from Asda IIRC) temporarily to see if the powerline really is to blame. Note that powerline is a bit like WiFi in that other users in the immediate neighbourhood can contend for bandwidth, as can interference sources.
Thanks. I would need about 30m of cat 5. I have a reel but not the termination tool.
I use a wireless access point using powerline on the same ring and that seems to be ok.
I'm wondering if there are any routeer settings causing a problem?