slow when changing media folders


Hello, I noticed over the past few days when I change folders with the remote control in the media folder it is very slow, it can take 10-20 seconds each time. what could be the problem? im running cust fw 2.12. thanks
also is it possible to update to Custom firmware version: 2.19 from the webif or via ssh or do I need to do it from a usb stick?

currently I have...
Web interface version: 1.0.7
Custom firmware version: 2.12
Humax Version: 1.02.29
Updating the custom firmware revision number (rather than the packages) and/or the standard firmware is a USB operation.
The most likely reason for it being slow if that your box is busy doing something. It's difficult to tell exactly what though. If you use any of the automatic processing functions, look at the auto.log file and it might provide a clue.

I would recommend upgrading to CFW 2.19 regardless as this contains changes over 2.12 that help better manage processor utilisation.