Smart TV problems


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I have a Samsung Smart TV which can access my Humax FCP-4000T.

Until now when I accessed the Humax I was offered Photo, Video and Music. When I accessed Music it became Channels and when I chose that I got the Greeview radio channels. Similarly when choosing Video I got a Channels folder conatining all the Freeview channels on my Humax.

Now when I access the Humax it only offers MyContent. I have lost all the TV channels.

Any thoughts? Recent software upgrade?

If you found this feature useful, it is still available via the Humax H3.
The feature was removed in the latest update.
Many thanks for the quick reply. I have read the thread. Somehow you think software updates are positive ... but not always! The Channels feature gave me one less wire to TVs in other rooms. The solution chosen by Humax simply adds back wires. Very sad.
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