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smoo :
I can no longer upload files to my hdr-fox t2. It was working fine until my laptop crashed, and since then no joy. I can still read files on the hdr and watch them with VLC, or copy them off the hdr with ftp.
But I get errors when trying to copy files to it, sometimes server is reset, other times 451 ...local error in processing.
TV portal still works.
In the settings menu edit channels and installation are greyed out.
Tried switching it off and on again.
rebooted router
reinstalled network adapter on laptop
I tried connecting with my android smartphone using an ftp client, it connects but I can't see any folders, so I don't know if this should work or not.
Any ideas what could be wrong?

smoo now thinks this may be being caused by the "Deleting" problem

The constantly 'Deleting' problem can be fixed if the Custom Firmware is installed, if it isn't there is another fix (which only works sometimes) by installing an old version of Humax firmware, the details are on the WiKi HERE
I will try the custom firmware, after I try the power cycle again. I only turned it off for a few seconds before but I see that it might need longer than that.
If you are in the delete loop, you need to minimise the time spent powered up but not in custom firmware Maintenance Mode, because you are losing content all the time it is deleting.
It does not seem to be deleting anything. But I also found it can't pause live tv. I have an idea this problem is to do with a recording I made of a buffered program, i.e. I returned to the beginning of the program I had been watching and pressed record. This worked but it's went wrong when I deleted it. The recording is removed from the media list when I delete it, but it returns after a power cycle.
I just tried to install the custom firmware but it failed. Early days yet though, have not tried alternative usb sticks or slots.
One of your posts definitely mentioned deleting. Regardless, what you describe sounds like the HDD is corrupted, and the recommended course of action is a custom firmware disk maintenance cycle.
Smoo has now installed the Custom Firmware successfully and is currently running Fix-Disk, so that will hopefully fix some, if not all of his problems. He does have *Deleting displayed on screen but is saying that items are not actually being deleted from the hard disk
Looks like its all fixed now. Fix-disk found lots of errors and repaired them.
Many thanks for your support through these difficult times :rolleyes:.

PS That was quite a complicated repair procedure, what do non tech savvy people do? There must be a lot of HDRs out there that could easily be fixed.
That's about as easy as we can make it. Non-tech savvy people just have to reformat the whole disk (and wipe their recordings).
It wasn't possible to format from the standard menu as the installation item was greyed out.

BTW I now have webif installed, its great. Why ever don't Humax offer something like it?
I now have webif installed, its great. Why ever don't Humax offer something like it?
I don't think Humax would be prepared to support it, can take years to get the smallest bug / problem fixed by them, if they fix it at all