Software Version 1.02.29


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I have just got a new HDR Fox T2. System information says that the software is FHTCP 1.02.29, loader version is a7.33, and the update date is 05 July 2012.

Is it OK to "downgrade" to software version 1.02.28 and install the custom firmware?
Unfortunately, we don't know as 1.02.29 hasn't been analysed.
Very probably yes, but it's at your own risk.

Customised firmware for 1.02.29 should be forthcoming fairly quickly once Humax release the firmware.
This feels like an interim version, like 1.02.26 was. We never saw that in the wild either.

Before you fiddle with it, do tell how it compares with 27/28 - see HERE (click).