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Software version v1.02.29


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My HDR came with 1.02.29 installed. It seemed very similar to the 1.02.28 I reverted to (to get Customised Firmware). I did not see a link to Internet Radio from the TV Portal when I tried while using 1.02.29.



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The Internet radio link was removed from the portal, and according to Barry at My Humax forum, was due to be made available again during the week commencing 27th August.
Will this release be required in order to be able to access the reinstated Internet Radio on the Portal?

I ask because I've gone back to 1.02.20 because we don't like the 1.02.28 feature whereby it pops an icon up on the screen when you press a device button on the remote (is there any way to stop this?)

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You've done what you need to do to stop it, the only other way I know is to get hold of an older version of the handset (with 4-digit device codes).

I don't know about Internet Radio yet, it had not reappeared on the portal last time I looked.

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What's the news then (not having installed it myself)? Is it the same as .28 in all respects except with Internet Radio mended? I can't imagine how they cocked up iRadio in the first place - it was working before, and still works in .20.