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[SOLVED] Can I watch stream HD recording from the HDR-FOX-T2 to the HD-FOX-T2?

I haven't seen a definitive answer to this. Can I stream HD recordings from the HDR to HD-Fox T2 natively? Or do I need to load the custom firmware on to the HDR box to remove enc and/or the encryption?

Black Hole

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Yes, the HD-FOX T2 streams HiDef from the HDR-FOX T2 out-of-the-box (assuming the firmware is up to date). See my blog on the HDR-FOX T2 forum (click HERE), scroll down to Stage 2B.
Root Ginger
Thanks for the reply. I did read your blog but I guess I missed that in amongst all the other info. Can the admin modify the title to [SOLVED] so others can find this answer through a search.

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
I have hit a couple of issues now I have seriously started streaming from my HDR- to my HD-FOX. StDef is absolutely fine, and in general I record in StDef for maximum versatility (and economy of file size).

Some things however are worth watching in HiDef, and two recent experiences are one recording bombing out (repeatedly) at about 56 minutes, and another one having non-repeatable sound stutters and sound loss. I need to check they play properly at the HDR-, and then perhaps try transporting them to the HD- by USB.