Some mp3 won't play


I've downloaded some music mp4 files and put them on my NAS and can play them fine on the T2 across the network, however I don't want the images as some are static and I have a plasma, so I though I'd convert them to mp3.

I can load up mp4 files in Adobe Soundbooth CS3 and save them back out as mp3s without problem, these play fine on WMP and mediainfo determines they are indeed 320kbps 2 channel mpeg version 1 layer 3 files.

However when I try to play them from the T2 there is no sound, the time bar does not move (it recognises the filename and how long the file should be) and the file is skipped after about 5s

Any ideas, I have no problem playing files ripped from CDs?
Hi Sanholme I posted a thread on the same issue some time ago but had no reply - which suprised me as I thought it would be an issue most people trying media streaming would have come across, although I guess it's probably because it is Audio and not video. Heres my post as I didn't know hoe to link. The details about adroid phone connection may be interesting though to some people.
Hi I have managed to FTP between my HDR T2 and my android phone in both directions.
1. The Video files transferred successfuly to my phone - however they are in TS format so I am assuming it was successful.
2. However I then transferred an album of MP3 files to the Humax T2. Some of the MP3 files play whilst others just remain on '0:00' on the ausio time bar. Has anyone else had this problem?
For others trying this I used the free 'andFTP' android app, you must set the andvanced mode of the conncetion to 'Active' not 'Passive' otherwise it will not work. This was the only free app that seemed to work, I think due to the limited functionality of the ftp server implentation.
Thanks for any help.​
Sounds unlikely, but it may be down to ID3 tags? or their verson of ID3 used on those tracks that fail?
Would need to see a file that does not play against a file that does to investigate it further really..
2 of the 3 that did not play had no tags according to "Stamp ID3 tag editor" so I added tags. The Humax displays the tags correctly.

Now the file spends 10s PROCESSING then 10s not playing and also locks the system so nothing responds, I had to do a hard power off.

What utilities will show me the version of ID3 used.
Off the top of my head I don't know. I use iTunes to force the latest version.
I'm sure if you google for a freeware id3 editor you'll find one that will show you the version.
For there to be a difference after adding a tag would say to me that it is affecting something..
I had a phone once that didn't like certain id3 versions, it still played the file however from what I remember.
Well I've got something working, I found an old copy of Adobe Audition 1.5 on my system (it only supports ID31.1) and saved the file as 256kbps in two variants. using tags the file plays fine but if I select the "audio only" checkbox (which I assume removes any tags) the file does not play. (The file displays using the filename rather than the ID3 title) , but at least does not hang the machine.

This means that we know the T2 supports ID3v1.1 if nothing else.
Might want to log this as another bug with Humax in that case.
No matter what ID3 version is supported, if the box cant handle it, it should ignore the tag and just play the file.