space still required in wifi password?


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apols if this is an FAQ - I couldn't find it by searching.

Would anyone know, please, if the customised firmware fixes the known issues of the HDR wifi not working if the wifi password has a space in it?

Mine does, and I can't change it: too many other devices.

Is there any way to fix this, with the customised firmware? e.g. if I installed it, then connected temporarily via wired and edited a file? Or any other way around this problem?

thanks much indeed.
thanks. What will take minutes? I have several dozen other devices. Many are "appliances" which don't have a nice UI with an easy to change password. I also have visitors, so I would have to contact all of them as well. This is not something that will take minutes.

Ethernet is a pain: powerline seems to work badly here, if at all, and I'm not allowed to trail wires all over the house, so this isn't an easy solution.

anyway, thanks...
Hmm, that's quite a categoric statement.
The SSID and password are stored in /var/lib/humaxtv/setup.db in table TBL_MENUCONFIG, itemName WLAN_CONNECTED_AP so it probably is possible to edit either of them.

aha! that sounds promising - I'll stick the customised firmware on, and do a temporary wired connection and see if I can get it working...

thanks much...
Something like this:
humax# cd /var/lib/humaxtv
humax# sqlite3 setup.db ".dump" >setup
then edit the setup file using a text editor, then:
humax# mv setup.db setup.old.db
humax# sqlite3 setup.db ".read setup"
and I would expect you'd have to reboot.
You can remove setup.old.db (and setup) if nothing bad happens or put it back if it does.