ssh access to the HDR-FOX T2


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Sorry if this is a faq, been looking and cannot find the info.
I have installed the latest custom firmware.
That seems to be working well.

I can log in as root using telnet, using the default pin, with no issues.

I've installed the ssh server options.
I can get to an ssh login prompt.
I cannot get past the login prompt.
The pin is not recognised as the password.
Attempting to set/reset the root password from telnet using passwd fails as passwd is not recognised.

Can anyone confirm that root is the only user implemented, that ssh login as root is permitted, and what is the default root password please?

Cheers Harry



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If you want to login with your proper username using keys (and who wouldn't, as it saves all that tedious typing with usernames and passwords), then you need to add a line to /mod/etc/dropbear/passwd such as:
and then add this to /mod/etc/dropbear/_config:
to disable password logins.