Start up problem with external drive attached


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I've recently added an external drive to my HDR. It's a Buffalo 250GB 3.5" drive with a separate power supply connected via the rear USB port and formatted (on my pc, using Easeus partition manager) with ext3.

Trouble is, when the drive is attached and switched on, the Hummy won't come out of standby - it freezes on the initial screen with the "Humax" logo. If the external drive is switched off, the Hummy wakes up normally and the drive can then be switched on successfully.

I'd like to leave the drive attached and powered full time. Not being able to do so is only a minor nuisance, but I wonder if anyone else has encountered this problem and found a solution?
I have an external hard drive also connected through the rear port and do not have a problem. Mine is a 1.5TB (?) WD elements drive 3/4 full
I also have an external drive permantely connected without problem.

Don't know if it makes any difference but when I first connected it I think I formated it via the Humax menu rather than via a PC/Laptop.
I've tried a reformat using the Humax formatter, but the problem remains. The Buffalo drive is designed to suspend automatically when its host is off: I suspect that this may be an issue here. I'll try a different drive.
I've just tried a 2.5" WD Passport and had no problem at all. The Buffalo is an older drive, so I guess there's an incompatibility of some sort.
I'm considering permanently attaching some storage for archiving, can anyone tell me, does the Humax PVR have the ability to spin down the USB drive when its idle?
...does the Humax PVR have the ability to spin down the USB drive when its idle?

(I'm assuming a traditional rotating rust drive with a (S)ATA->USB adapter here)

No, although depending on the drive you may be able to configure it through the drive firmware. You can manually eject it via the hidden menu on the PVR but that probably isn't workable.
the one i have is on as soon at the pvr is active and closes when and if you put unit into standby, i just tend to switch it off at the plug most of the time. just on when i'm archiving stuff