Static Screen from EPG selection

Carl Harris

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started experiencing a bit of a weird issue. If I'm in EPG and choose a programme by double pressing on it (i.e not waiting for the mini screen preview to appear) - I get a screen of grey/white static and it takes a good 5 seconds to load it with a few screen blip/flashes. It's like it doesn't know where it is.

If I wait for the preview to load (i.e top left mini screen) - this doesn't really happen. Manually changing channel also seems to be ok.

I didn't have this happening when I first had my machine (a few weeks back). I did a rescan of all the channels to be sure, but bit concerned. Anybody come across a similar issue? Thanks
You are likely to see a difference in "change channel performance" between selecting another service from the same multiplex as current, a different multiplex but current on the second tuner, or a multiplex that is not current on either tuner. I have never run a comparative test.

Once you see a preview in the EPG, all the stream syncing required as been completed and you can then "go full" instantly, so there's no surprise with that. Try tuning to BBC1 and then use your method to switch to BBC2.

Another thought: do you have a good signal? Service change coud take longer if the error correction is working hard.
Hi, just run a series of tests, which are interesting. My signal is over 85% with 100% quality on most channels:
  • Tune to BBC 1 and then EPG with double tap to BBC2 - no static
  • BBC 1 to BBC2 using just numeral buttons - ok
  • BBC1 to channel 4 using double tap - static then change.
  • BBC1 to channel 4 using preview load / then push - still static.
  • Channel 4 back to BBC1 - using preview load - screen blipping and had to press channel again, then loaded.
So, I'm now thinking I was "hasty" and that maybe there is an issue with some other setting. So, actually the "go full" instantly doesn't seem to work all the time either. Will have to spend more time looking at this.
I wonder if any screen settings are in play as well - when you load another channel and the screen blips, is it trying to change settings based on channel (sorry have no technical expertise in what is sent in the signal from each channel).
So, I took this short video to show the issues.

As I said, never had this when I first got the machine.

1) BBC1 - choose C4 preview then select through EPG
2) choose with double select back to BBC1
3) choose with double select back to C4
4) choose BBC1 by numeral

Each select - you get a static screen and then a blip / flash of green or purple as it tries to tune. Sometimes, it will blip/flash for over 5 seconds.
Did your HDMI handshaking problems start when you upgraged firmware? 1.02.09 1.02.20 and 1.02.27 have all had HDMI 'tweeks' and if you TV hasn't changed (or possibly you HDMI TV input socket) that is the most likely cause. Sony (and Samsung) are high up on the list of HDMI offenders
Only bought it 2 weeks ago, so when I looked for upgrade it said it was already ok - BUT I need to check that again. I did change the HDMI socket - maybe that has been the cause (I changed it because of it powering up the tv when it did it's power on/off cycle). I think Ezra posted on swapping the socket to see if it didn't draw power. Interestingly, a member pointed out "turn off HDMI" option on the tv - when I looked at that, it was already off - so the hummy wasturning it on even with that option set to off on the tv.

I think, I'll have to have a better look at it and if necessary start the installation from scratch, just to make sure. I'll lose a few recordings, but it is annoying.
I think I've mad some progress, although I need to understand the vformat more. The Hummy was kicking out at 576i - I've just fiddled with the vformat and raised this on the Hummy - so far the blips and static have completely disappeared. It must have re-set the HDMI handshake. Now I need to look at how to ensure the TV and the Hummy are happy and on what output.
HDMI control has more than one level, the level that you can switch on and of on your TV is probably CEC control, where it is possible to control lots of functions over the CEC bus e.g. a CEC enabled TV may be able to control a PVR's transport controls. In my opinion CEC only works well when all connected items are by the same maker, you might be able to control a Samsung with a Sony but it's unlikely. There is a simpler level of HDMI detection (sometimes only on a single HDMI scoket) that only detects that an HDMI device has turned on, so for example a TV can switch to this device automatically, this level does not use CEC
I think I've mad some progress, although I need to understand the vformat more. The Hummy was kicking out at 576i

576i is no good for Hi-Def Programs and the On screen Menus will be very rough looking, the choice you have is where do you want any conversion to take place, both you TV and the Humax will 'scale' the program to fit your TV, I think most people settle on Humax V-format of 1080i or 1080p, it's best to give them a try and I guess in your case fine one where the HDMI handshaking works well
Thanks Ezra - HDMI info very useful and I will play with the Vformat and get a "firm handshake"!! Thanks again, much appreciated advice.
Just as an update, I can confirm that handshaking now works fine and that all the help here worked well, thank you. V-Format set at 1080 - the blipping screen was totally to do with this. Thank you for all the help.