Strange Freeze (processor still running, no HDMI, no IR)

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Weird situation: no HDMI out of HDR3, and no response to the handset... but the VFD is still scrolling the channel name, and I still have access to the WebIF and the NAS server (the WebIF didn't respond to start with, and the HomePlug was flashing red while it was retrying, but it did respond after I used another HDR to access the media folder).

Anything you would like me to try before I reboot it?
Can't think of anything. The VFD still scrolling means that the Humax software is up and running but I haven't seen that failure type before.
I've had that effect once on my "less reliable" HDR. I think it crashed totally while I was poking at the network trying to determine what was broken.
Usually it crashes either a) no video (i.e. no HDMI), no network, no activity or b) frozen or garbage video, no network, no activity.

I see af123's been promoted :)
Here's curious: the WebIF status is "watching 200 red button" (which is what I normally leave it idle at), but the VFD shows "BBC ONE Wales" (which it would have tried to record a news bulletin from this morning). The (manual timer) recordings for this morning are shown as overdue, including an Auto-update event (isn't that supposed to disappear without a reboot, now we have RTS?), and there is no sign of the recording having been made.
disable-ota isn't integrated into RTS yet. I was waiting until RTS was stable before tackling updates to all the packages. So far, only newk is RTS aware.