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Strange IR behaviour


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Has anyone else come across this before and more importantly overcome it?

I have had my T2 for several weeks now and it works perfectly. So I can also watch it in my bedroom I got a RF to aerial modulator which works fine and an Ebode Powermid XL IR extender. I found the IR sensor on the T2 and stuck one of the small IR "eyes" right over it. I set it all up and using the remote in the bedroom it controls the unit fine. I can get the guide, select recordings, pause, skip forward etc. with no problems.

So far so good. So I go to bed and everything is working and I'm watching a recording, happily fast forwarding through the adverts :D

Then all of a sudden the remote stops responding! After some head scratching I realise what's happened is that my wife has left the room and has turned the lights off. The room with the T2 is in complete darkness and the remote won't work. I get her to turn the light back on and just as suddenly the remote starts working again.

So now I have a setup which won't respond if the room is in darkness - which let's face it is how it is most of the time I'm trying to watch in bed :mad:

I can understand bright light affecting things but darkness??? Any suggestions (apart from leaving the lights on downstairs)?

Black Hole

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Sounds hilarious! :D

The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is the signal from your IR repeater is too strong and over-tips the receiver. The background IR from the lights raises the noise floor and reduces the dynamic range of the input. You could try attenuating the signal from the repeater - move it off-centre or away.