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Simple question. Thinking of getting a HD Fox T2 for upstairs. Is it possible to have the HDR recording two programmes, watch something from the media, and also stream another media item to the HD? Obviously, the second media stream would be a different programme (we're not that antisocial in this house!! I'm assuming yes, but thought I'd better check in case of problems...

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No problem at all.

You can do this without custom firmware by setting Content Share = On in the HDR-FOX and then accessing it via Media >> Storage (blue) >> Network on the HD-FOX, but the functionality is limited to playback. With custom firmware, set up auto-decrypt on the HDR-FOX and load the foxlink package both ends - the HDR-FOX will appear as if it were a USB drive to the HD-FOX, with full play/resume/bookmark/move/delete capability.

Note that HD-FOX is no longer in production. I think some did turn up on Humaxdirect a little while ago, otherwise it's eBay.

PS: I have three HD-FOXes accessing two HDR-FOXes, but I use network-shares-automount because of the tweaking. foxlink uses NFS, which does not make any USB drives attached to the HDR-FOX visible to the HD-FOX, but is simple to set up. network-shares-automount can use SMB or NFS, and SMB by default mounts everything visible in the WebIF media browser under /Media - ie USB drives as well. It isn't all that difficult to set up, but some people have reported problems. The HDR-FOXes have access to each other as well (but one has to be careful to avoid an infinite loop).


excellent! just need to load the foxlink package then. nice and easy! HD-FOX is ordered - £69 from humaxdirect(Grade A refurb), which seems quite a bargain to me for full media streaming capabilities...


Dave_G -- it works really well too... much better than playing around with trying XMBC on raspberry Pi and various other options.... wife and kids proof .... they just select "Downstairs" out of the list...