Streaming between two HDR-Fox T2s - box 1 can see box 2, but box 2 can't see box 1


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Hello folks,

Hoping someone might be able to help me out as this is driving me mad!

Hithero I had a HDR-Fox T2 (let's call that one HDR #1) and a HD-Fox T2 both running custom firmware. I was happily able to stream recordings between the two of them.

I decided to upgrade the HD-Fox T2 to a second HDR-Fox T2 (let's call that HDR #2). I've installed custom firmware on it etc.

However whilst my old HDR-Fox T2 (HDR #1) can see and stream the recordings on the new HDR-Fox T2 (HDR #2), the new HDR-Fox T2 (HDR #2) can't see recordings on the old box (HDR #1).

Content share is set to on on both of them, both having a working internet connection (as iPlayer etc works).

Has anyone had anything similar? Anything obvious things to check? Is the fault more likely to be with HDR #1 (the old one) rather than HDR #2 (the new one)?

The only thing that is obviously different between them is that older box #1 has a newer loader a7.34 than the new box (which has a7.30). Not sure if this makes a difference?

Thanks to anyone in advance as it's driving me nuts!
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Have you set a different DLNA server name on each of them (dlna-servername package)?
I don't know if it's strictly necessary but it definitely makes working out which one you can see a lot easier.
Other than that, perhaps try a DLNA database reset (via webif->Diagnostics->DLNA Reset)

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So this shouldn't be in the CF section then?

My shares between three HDRs and one or two HDs are all done with Samba mounts - so much better: access to transport control, set and access bookmarks, delete remotely...