Streaming direct from internet address..possible or not??


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Hi all, I am noob to this custom firmware, having installed it , I was wanting to know is it possible to stream live from a website address via the Humax, rather than downloading then watching it. Would save a lot of time if this is possible.:) p.s I have trawled through some of the forum, but I thought Id take the direct approach :) Sorry if this has been asked before.
The streaming that takes place in the TV Portal e.g. BBC I-Player , You-Tube etc. is live streaming, in fact the Humax HD (Rather than the HDR) doesn't store the stream at all, however it is not possible to enter any website address, sites are ony accessible via the TV Portal, the content is controlled by Humax
Thanks for those quick responses, I think I'm looking more towards what Black Hole is referring to, I'll be keeping a watchful eye on that thread. Thanks again.