streaming from HDR for the first time


Noob 1st questions, both boxes on CFW .29 with static IP's

1. Why Does the HDR have to be powered on to stream from? I know the HDR has 2 power down modes, I was hoping one of them would allow me to stream from it? I have the HDR on the 'normal' power down, not the extremely low power mode.

It means in the morning if I want to stream kids recordings (and videos of trains ripped from youtube!) I have to go downstairs first and power the HDR on? ANNOYING! Also then at night if im streaming in the bedroom i have to then do down and power off? Hopefully There is a solution?

2. Why is the media not arranged alphabetically - all my HDR contect is nicely arranged and when Istream from it to the HD, the folders & files are random.
1. The processor is not active, the drive is not running, unless the hardware timer wakes it up to record something.

2. The order you see is the order presented from the DLNA database, not the order in the folder. If you mount the HDR as a network drive (using Samba on the HDR and Network Shares Automount on the HD), and decrypt all your content, you will be able to sort the recordings by date or name just the same as a local drive.
1. Bah, I assumed it functioned a bit like a NAS when powered on. Is there a power on/off package by any chance?

2. Seems like more work than its worth - I'l just try and tidy up the top level folders more.
1. No, but there's nothing stopping you setting wake-up or reminder timers. I just leave mine on.

2. It's great, I just have everything on auto-decrypt, and when playing from the HD-FOX the transport controls are fully operational, and I can even delete/copy/move. I wouldn't go back to vanilla.
OK i'll have a play with them once I get the network cable tacked in and tidied up before the missus gets home and realised I've added another cable around the skirting boards.