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Two Steps

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Now that all the Humax files are automatically decrypted, after installation of the unencrypt utility, the whole family can access any file of their choosing from the Humax via our home network and can then watch it using the VLC player without needing to know the DLNA URL.:)

The icing on the cake however would be if my son was able to watch streamed HiDef content from the Humax on his PS3. Presently all SD files play without problem, but although HiDef files play beautifully, they play without any sound.

I understand that when streaming from Mediatomb, tweaks can be made to allow the PS3 to play HiDef files properly. Unfortunately I have no idea what people mean when they talk about config.xml and the like. It is all a mystery to me.

Is anyone able to simply state in a step by step process what I need to do to get this to work?
This is not a direct answer to your problem, just to note that you do not need to decrypt the files in order to stream to the VLC (or any other) DLNA/UPnP client. StDef files will stream directly, HiDef needs auto-unprotect.

However, if you do wish to stream with Mediatomb they will need to be fully decrypted.
Thanks Black Hole. Up until installing unprotect I was streaming to VLC in the manner you describe.

I have no special preference to stream with Mediatomb to to the PS3, but recordings streamed by the Humax media server to the PS3 won't play audio either on HiDef recordings and I didn't believe there was any fix. If there is something that can be done to get the PS3 to play audio from the Humax media server on HiDef recordings then that would be even better.

This is no big deal really and I am so very pleased with what has already been achieved with the modified firmware.
Hi there.
Sorry for the bump but I'm new to forum, and this thread is what I've been looking for, in terms of answers so hopefully its relevant and somebody can answer/confirm ;-)
I have an HDR and 2 other "normal" HD boxes, in other rooms.The HDR is the main box.Very happy with it and stuck the customised firmware on it.Installed auto-unprotect and unencrypt, followed the wiki in terms of adjusting the time and can see by the unencrypt log that all is working as described. My main issue is around streaming to my PS3 (as above)-just so I've got this right, something recorded in Hi-Def will play but with no sound-which is what I get.Is this right? As St-Def is fine.I'm not streaming the Hi-Def to anywhere else (i..e a PC)-in fact, I did try it to my ipad 2 but this was the same-pictures but no sound.

So this may be a daft question, but in terms of Hi-def, what does the unencrypt do?-I can see it sets the flag but where would you be able to/what would be the set up where this is an advantage-is it just for manipulation on a PC/watching it through VLC player? I'm thinking here that in order (if I wanted to in the future) to allow ALL my devices with DLNA (say my other Samsung TV's or my PS3), I need to record everything in St-Def?

Sorry if this is a bit daft sounding but I'd like to know what sort of devices benefit from the unencryption ? Still love the custom firmware though, great job on it !


You do not need unencrypt to stream HiDef by DLNA. The content is decrypted on-the-fly by the DLNA server, but it refuses to stream HiDef unless it completes a handshake with the client to verify the client is "secure". As long as the properties are set correctly (by using auto-unprotect), this secure handshake is bypassed and HiDef will be streamed regardless.

unencrypt is useful when recordings are accessed bypassing the DLNA server, eg using direct network access. In this case the files need to be decrypted first, and unencrypt achieves this by conning the DLNA server into streaming the recording onto its own hard drive - hence auto-unprotect is a pre-condition for decrypting HiDef. However, it does not matter if a file has been decrypted, the server will still stream it.

The sound problem is to do with the client end. We have noted that many media players cannot cope with the change of audio format that occurs between the trailers and the programme itself. It has been reported that trimming off the trailers (see nice-splice) solves it.
Hi BH,
Thanks for the swift reply-that makes sense.My 2 HD boxes stream the HiDef content fine, across my CAT5 network, so I knew it would be something particular to the PS3. The HiDef files wouldn't actually show up in the PS3 folders.Now that they have been decrypted, they show up and play, but no sound. Also, the iPad really struggled to play the Hi-Def media, even when downloaded. Which was a first for the iPad
Just wondered if there was anything I could do with it-I'll have a look at the nice splice but I think I may just change the recording to StDef, that way it's less hassle and I know everything can receive everything ;-) I have WDTV live boxes in the kids room, not tried them yet, but they will probably have the same issue as the PS3. I'd move all my media onto the HDR, with an external USB drive, but testing shows that TVersity (my media server software of choice) has more capabilities than the DLNA server on the HDR (which is to be expected).Saying that, the HDR, with the custom firmware is a lot easier than running a TV capture card on the PC, and all the hassle that goes with it.The custom firmware just makes it even better!
Any other tips and tricks you think may benefit me, please give me a shout-just working through the various packages.The Sky player looks good but I've already hit my limit of 2 devices, and it takes (well did), a month to change devices about.


I agree with your point about a TV capture card - using a PVR (as long as you can get access to the data) means not having to tie up your PC.

I record very little in HiDef because for most purposes StDef is plenty good enough, HiDef channel content doesn't necessarily come from HiDef source material, and the problems with handling/storing the huge files and finding compatible players and editors.