Streaming Live TV


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Is there any way to stream live TV from one of these boxes? I am happy enough to buy an HD-Fox if required as the client/receiver.

The set-up is for where I have a TV in the kitchen with a LAN connection but no ability or possibility to receive a TV signal directly.

I used to stream live TV through Windows Media Centre and Xbox 360s but the whole thing is so flakey I've had enough and want to use consumer units.

I have trawled through the forums but can't find posts directly addressing this.

The closet alternative to WMC I have found that appears to be able to do this is Slingbox but I don't really want to sit a PC at the receiver end.

'Fraid not, sorry. streams most of the live channels on the Internet viewable with a web browser, so all you actually need is a dedicated computer with an HDMI output to the TV, fast enough to process the stream. The Raspberry Pi is likely to do what you want.
That's a shame. There's a gap in the market for a more consumer based tv distribution system in the home IMO.

I have poured many hours into trying to get WMC working properly and consistently. The idea is great, particularly using 360s as extenders but in practice it needs too much effort.

I didn't know about I'll have a look at that.

I may well still but an HDR-Fox anyway.