streaming to an android tablet?


Hi, Anyone have any luck streaming videos from the humax HDR while browsing the web interface 192.168.x.x on a tablet?

on mine it says "playing video" but I cannot see any picture. I have installed mx video and the codecs which are supposed to work but it doesnt.

Playing from the web interface I believe uses a VLC plugin which won't work on Android. You will need to use the built-in DLNA server to stream to a DLNA client - try Skifta, this will then pass the feed to a player such as mx.

This works for me but only for SD as my tablet is just a budget one which can do 1080p but only if the codecs etc are right for hardware decoding which I cannot get working on mine so it's choppy.
The Tablet PC is an A10 Cortex A8, 1.2 GHz processor, model No EV764 with 500MB Ram, its running Android 4.0.3 (fyi 69 quid on ebay) the HD video streams very very jittery from the humax, I wonder if its the capability of the tablet at fault, ie processor speed and ram or maybe some missing codec? having said that I did notice when I ftp files from the box the download is only about 700kbs and I would have thought it would be much faster over a local network. anyway 700kbps should be enough for an HD stream? hhmm.interesting.
Similar to my Ainol Novo7 Elf, I don't think transfer speed is the issue I think it's the decoding. I can get fast speeds to the tablet from well in excess of what is required for HD and I can stream HD no problems to from the Humax to my PC. None of the players i've tried will do hardware decoding with the ts files and I suspect the chip is simply not fast enough for HD software decoding (it obviously doesn't compare to say a tegra 2 or 3 tablet).
Did a bit more testing with my tablet. It actually plays the HD content perfectly using hardware acceleration from a file, it's only streaming over DLNA where it won't use acceleration and hence won't play the content smoothly. I'll have to look into DLNA apps and see if there is another way which will work. The workaround is to save the video file to the tablet before playing.
Cracked it, I've not been able to download through the browser but using an application called Upnp play allowed me to download the file which I was then able to start playing almost immediately.
anyone managed to stream video from the humax to a tablet over the internet? I installed DLNA, Skifta and setup port forwarding but I cannot figure out how to do it, it only streams on lan. what android app would I need? thanks