Streaming to Android Device

Just did this on my Desire and it works well
Download Skifta from Market place and install
Download rockplayer ( this provides the codecs) from market place and install
Edit: rockplayer no longer seems to work Vplayer works on my HTC Desire
Run Skifta Humax should appear in media source chose your Android Device as the player and enjoy video from your humax on your Android device !
Works other way too but you have to select player as unlisted
Couldn't get the videos to play properly; I get sound but no picture. Oh well.. I guess it's down to my Motorola Milestone not being new enough (and having hardware acceleration).
This happened to me at first , the Android media player doesn't have a codec for .ts files hence you have to install a third party media player. Sounds like your not using rockplayer as your default playback device. There are other media players such as moboplayer or qqplayer maybe they will work better .
I'd installed Rockplayer which did fire up when I selected one of the .ts files.. giving me an option of 2 'en' streams. One had sound, one didn't. I'll give those 2 other players a go tonight.
mmmm....... for some reason rockplayer no longer works. The only one that seems to work is Vplayer ( free only for 7 days only) . Just had a thought maybe the brightness on rockplayer is set to zero.
I've been struggling with getting them onto my phone also. I've downloaded rockplayer & skifta and will try tonight to see how it goes. Do you have any updates on the other players?
I'm using a HTC Desire and Rockplayer doesn't work, it did but now.., it seems to be a bit temperamental. I'm using vplayer and that works fine. What's good is that with windows 7 on my laptop I'm now able to stream my music straight from my laptop to my phone as well as being able to watch recorded TV.
Strange why it worked for me initially !! Anyway glad vplayer works for you, thinking of buying a cheap Android tablet now.:cool:
This is brilliant! I already have a "cheap Android tablet" - it is an Advent Vega, 10in Tegra powered Android 2.2 tablet exclusive to PC World/Dixons, costs £199 (although they are out of stock at the mo and there is some confusion as to whether they are going EOL or not). But anyway, I've tried it with Skifta (which I had already tried unsuccessfully with my HDR) and Vplayer (7 day free trial) and it works beautifully. You can even skip to different parts of the program using the bar at the bottom. The SD picture on a 1024x600 10in screen looks brilliant. I can now use it to watch stuff off the HDR whilst laying in bed or whatever. (battery life is 6-7 hours). Both the HDR and the Vega connect to my network via WiFi.

I am a happy bunny, thanks to all for the tip off about Vplayer etc.

Oh, about the Vega - it doesn't come with the Android Market, you have to add a custom ROM from Modaco, but it's really easy, and does transform the device (without it, it's not a lot of use really).
Thanks for that info. I was toying with the idea of getting a Vega now I know it works.!!! Ebuyer are selling a 10 Hanspree tablet for £169 at the moment which looks good.
Vplayer works okay on my Milestone (Droid).. it at least displays video. I just don't think my handset is up to playing the stream reliably.. any fast movement causes it to drop frames and stutter the audio. Better than nothing though! :)
As I thought, the Milestone doesn't have enough grunt at 800mhz.. overclocking it to 1Ghz did the trick, but I'm not happy overclocking it to that degree for long periods of time.
Thanks for that info. I was toying with the idea of getting a Vega now I know it works.!!! Ebuyer are selling a 10 Hanspree tablet for £169 at the moment which looks good.
I got of these hannspree tabs from ebuyer for £125 using a promo code. Its good for the price, the screen is where they have saved the money but its ok. Streaming .ts files using skifta and vplayer is rock solid. I am still waiting for my mini hdmi cable so I can hook it up to my bedroom tv - i'll post results when it arrives.
I was just about to buy one of those, I thought £165 I'll take the risk , great to know that it works . where did you get the promo code from ?