Streaming with Windows 7

That's interesting:

Windows Media Center will automatically discover shared libraries from... DLNA compliant media servers (e.g. network attached storage)

I've not managed to do that. I wonder how you do that? I've read elsewhere a lot of frustrated people because WMC doesn't seem to do that.
Ok Windows Media Player works for me Windows Media Centre does not. I gave up on WMC didn't really see the point as WMP is easier
WMC is designed for a big-screen interface, that's all really. I might try the "old" K-Lite with WMP sometime (if I can find it).
For some reason , I've never had any problems using windows 7 with my Hummy. Luck maybe, anyway just found this article explaining "How to" might be of use to someone, also a new codec pack for windows 7, which I've installed with no adverse effects.

Nothing but trouble here: The Humax with customised Firmware is not showing up at all.
I have tried UPnP Inspector. Still no Humax.
Looking at it with NMap, port 4915s is open, but 1900 not.
Could this be why?
And, if, how to fix?
How to get there?
Here, only WiFi and lan settings
Hd-fox t2

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I didn't know you are talking HD-FOX, it doesn't have a DLNA server.

The only ways you can do something similar is either network sharing, or using the Mediatomb package (which is a replacement DLNA server). In either case you will need to decrypt your content first.

You probably need to read THIS (click).
If it's the HD model then it doesn't have built-in content sharing.

It's a bit of a faff but you need to decrypt the relevant content using HDR mode and then install and configure Mediatomb to serve it over DLNA.
Have the custom firmware 2.11 installed plus auto-decrypt and mediatomb.

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Umm, all recordings are unprotected. Was this auto-unprotect 1.0.7?
Now, back to the Mediatomb. Why is it not showing?

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Auto-unprotect does not decrypt recordings. It only removes the protection which prevents HiDef recordings from being decrypted on an HDR-FOX, or a HD-FOX that is temporarily running in HDR Mode. Did you read the link I gave you (click here)?

I don't know about your Mediatomb problem, have you set it up properly in the WebIF? Either way it will be no use unless you decrypt your recordings.
Right. Once, I copy the recording, they get decrypted. That I have.done on a few. Now, the webif to tenant mediatomb and to set it to auto start. Are there any other settings?
BTW the link points to thread about moderation

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Thanks for your persistence. Now, after re-installing MediaTomb, the box to acts as DNLA server. XMBC on Windows and MediaHouse on Android now find movies . And, as you have said, the HDR mode was needed.

After the first installation, I had reconfigured the range of IP addresses in my LAN, that must have confused the software setup.
  1. WebIf used old IP address for MediaTomb links.
  2. Certain ports (49152) needed by UPnP were not open. Thanks to NMap for spotting that.