Stripping leading spaces


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I hate the way this board strips leading spaces from your posts now.
It never used to. Is there anything that can be done to stop it please?
I want to add spaces sometimes to aid readability.
Similarly, I think it condenses more than two in the middle of a line to two. This is also annoying.
I can't see any options to change this behaviour, perhaps Michael will be able to look into it.
Spaces to do indentation should never be used. Also, spaces to do alignment. There is no guarantee that a space in one font will be as wide as in another. Also, inter sentence spaces are larger than inter word spaces, but not as wide as two spaces. Using spaces this way is a legacy of using typewriters. Fact.
And a decent wp will convert two spaces to an inter-sentence space by design or as an auto-correction. No idea what forum software does.