Struggling to install the firmware

Rupert Bowling

New Member
Sorry not got far. I have in the past been a toppy fan, and when my last one died, I bought this Humax foxsat hdr twin tuner. I think in about 2009, so it is not a new model.

It has been a frustration to me ever since, and as a family we tend to avoid live TV, or even recording, because buying the box set is easier.

So my delight at discovering there is a better GUI to be had can barely be put into words :)

However, I have failed at the first fence.
I do not have a big middle front button, there is a slim button to the left hand side.
I have the correct file I think, even changed the upgrade to Upgrade to see if that works.
But it is just not being recognised.

I do not have the humax connected to the web. will that make a difference?

Or do I have the wrong firmware for my model. The serial Number is I think 6004346.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.