Stuck Deleting Loop & Telnet Issue


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Hi, currently using custom firmware 2.21 & have discovered I appear to have developed the stuck deleting problem. I can Telnet into the box OK, but I don't get a "Are you having problems with a delete loop [Y/N]?" option. If I continue anyway with option 1, Check and repair hard disk (fix-disk), it finds errors & asks me if I want to repair them, which I have to manually reply 'Yes', but I have to do this for each error. I did go through this, taking a very long time, but on restarting the box, the stuck deleting problem is still there.

Could anyone please help me find a solution, hopefully with the "Are you having problems with a delete loop [Y/N]?" option becoming available in Telnet?

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: I've also noticed that although I can play back previously recorded programs, if I stop playback I can no longer resume from the same point, the resume playback is greyed out & I have to start playback from the beginning...
That option only appears at the end of a fix-disk run, once all disk errors are fixed. How many errors do you have?
(If you aren't sure then it should be visible on the 'Web interface->Diagnostics->Hard disk' screen.
OK, I assumed it would be at the beginning. Quite a few errors, didn't keep count but it took quite a while. So I guess I'll have to do it again then... Is it normal that I'm having to manually reply Yes to every error though?

Thanks for your help BTW!

EDIT: Just checked the web interface and in the self test logs it only shows 21 errors.. Confused now!

EDIT 2: rereading & think I may have misunderstood, oops! The UDMA CRC Error Count shows a value of 200.
Hi again, left it running overnight & got the "Are you having problems with a delete loop [Y/N]?" question & answered yes, & everything appears OK now, delete loop stopped & can also resume playback from the same point it is stopped for a recorded programme.

Gone back to diagnostics & 197 & 198 both show a Raw Value of 14 each. Is this still going to be an issue?
Yeah still showing errors. I was going to upgrade the disk anyway so looks like it's time! Thank you both for your help, much appreciated. :)