Stuck on channel 200?


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Probably an easy one but as I hardly use my Humax, mine seems to have got stuck on channel 200 (red button channel).

No matter what channel I change to before I switch it off it comes back on on the red button channel :/

Oddly enough this was after my friend's 2 year old son had managed to grab and play with the remote :)



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Probably because you have the disable-dso package installed IIRC. That wakes the HDR box up early hours and 'tunes' to channel 200.

Ezra Pound

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It is the Disable-OTA package that does this, Notes HERE, you can change the reminder channel that is set up to use a different channel or disable the reminder option completely, however if this is done, there is a small possibility that a DSO may still be actioned on your Humax


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My bad. I was posting from memory, disable-ota is the package I meant to refer too! Sorry for the confusion.