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Subtitle Adjustment?

When I watch via the Humax 9150T, either live or pre-recorded, there are 2 problems with the subtitles. One is that the text is very large, though this is better than being too small to read!

The other (and perhaps this is associated) is the position on the screen. Only the top line of text is visible - if the subtitles go on to a second line it is so low I can only just see the tops of the letters, but can't read it. This even applied yesterday when I watched 'Waterloo' which was transmitted in letterbox, with plenty of dark space above and below the picture. So it's the position relative to the screen, rather than to the picture, which seems to be the problem.

The Samsung LED TV UE40H6400 does allow me to adjust subtitle text size, but only when watching directly, not via the Humax. So I don't think the problem (or the solution) lies in the TV. In any case, the position problem (though not the text size) was there on my previous old TV.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? More to the point, can anyone suggest a solution? Do later models show this same symptom?


Well-Knwοn Мember
The default setting for the 9150T is for a 4:3 TV. What you describe can be achieved by leaving this at 4:3. The samsung H6400 will/can then enlarge the picture to get the effects that you are seeing.

Check the aspect ratio on your 9150T.
MENU >> Preferences >> A/V Control >> Screen Ratio >> select 16:9
Sorry to have taken so long to reply but I was abroad with no access to internet.

Luke's advice seems to have done the trick. Like so many perplexing things, simple when you know how! Most grateful, Luke.