Subtitles go out of sync with video on playback

Dave Ell

When I playback a recorded programme subtitles often get seriously out of sync with the picture, lagging by up to about maybe 10 seconds.

This never happens with BBC channels recordings but often happens with C4 channels.

I am not including here live programmes where the subtitles are being created in real time.

Anyone experience this or have any ideas?

I am on custom firmware 1.02.32 but it also occured on previous releases.


Do the subtitles get back in sync if you pause/stop playback, and then play/resume playback?

Do they go out of sync if you watch the programme via your Humax, whilst it is being transmitted?
If yes, does the same happen when you watch via your TV's built in tuner? Just trying to check whether it is a Humax problem, or a broadcaster problem.
Hi Brian

No to the stop/pause approach, although sometimes, but not always, pressing the Previous button (|<<) gets them back in sync.

I haven't seen it happen when I watch live.

I get this problem on Film4, pausing does not help, but the back (30 seconds) button sometimes fixes it until a major scene change. I don't watch any other versions of Channel4, so I don't know about them.
We have had this happen after rewinding live channels, can't recall which box, it could be Freesat or Freeview. No idea which channels either but reckon they were HD ones. Stopping the chase play cured the problem but it was there again after rewinding.
...yep, and we get it too, on CH4 recordings. I seem to recall seeing it once or twice on C5's The Mentalist too.